Dedicated WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting from £19/pm

Is your website built in WordPress? You can host it on our UK based, dedicated WordPress servers.

There is little point building a website that performs well and is optimised for search engines when the hosting is poor or inadequate for your requirements. With this in mind, we like to think our website hosting services is a cut above the rest. We utilise the latest technologies to make sure your website is quick and secure, while always looking for the next big thing to boost your website.

Five reasons why to host with Lundie?

UK-based servers
Around the clock management and maintenance
99% up-time
SSL Certification
No set-up/migration fee

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We run on PHP 7

Don’t let your site fall foul to hackers

Many websites, especially those built in a CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, are written in a programming language called PHP. PHP version 5 is about to reach end-of-life and will stop receiving security updates in two months (New Year). Many WordPress and other PHP websites remain on version 5.6 or older. Once support for PHP 5 ends in two months, these sites are in a precarious position and will become exploitable as new PHP 5 vulnerabilities emerge without security updates.

Here at Lundie ALL our sites run on PHP 7, and as such will avoid any new vulnerabilities that emerge. Don’t risk it, if you are not sure which version of PHP your site is running on contact us today.



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