We are Creative Artworkers

A day in the life of the humble Creative Artworker

An artworker just moves items around the page, makes it look nice and then sends it off to print right? Wrong!

So what does a creative artworker actually do?

Being an ‘artworker’ is a more technical, more detail-oriented role than that of a graphic designer or illustrator, both of which are more focused towards creative design ideas and concepts.

The artworker will work on editing documents that have already had the creative and design signed off, and then edit and rework them, format them, import the text into the layout, and then package them into a finished piece of work that is then printed or used on a digital platform. This will normally involve tasks such as adjusting colours to give the best reproduction of photographs, tweaking typography, addressing inconsistencies, correcting spelling and grammar, and getting files ready for printing.

Most of the time all of this is done whilst working within client’s strict brand guidelines. Headlines, body copy, logos and imagery should all be working together in a way that respects the guidelines and the print specifications. Everything should be aligned, with no widows at the end of paragraphs. The copy should be adjusted to fit within the space required and work well with photographs and graphics on the page. In short, the artworker is the middleman between creative and design.

The final stage

So the creative director has signed off the design, the client has checked all the detail and it is now signed off for printing. Now the important bit begins. The final stage is of crucial importance. The artworker will now check the artwork in terms of number of colours, colour separation, spot and process colours, overprinting, trapping… it’s a minefield of detail that could still go wrong. Then to check that the page size is correct with bleed, that the correct fonts are being used and give a quick overview of line endings. If the document uses a cutter and fold guides, check that they will work correctly, but after creating a mock-up. After all this, the artworker is happy that when ink is committed to paper, the job ends up matching the vision of the designer. OK, one final check then press send. It’s gone! Now wait for the proofs to come back from the printer for a final check through.

At Lundie we carry out this process day in, day out. If you have a project that needs the skills of our designers and artworkers get in touch.

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