People’s inboxes are full, but their in-trays are empty

Lundie Creative direct mail services

In today’s digital age, it is increasingly hard to reach the people we want to do business with. There is so much ‘digital noise’ out there that competes for our attention – not to mention our hearts and minds – has reached epic proportions. With 88% of UK adults now online and typically spending around 24 hours a week online*, is it any wonder that messages get lost in the digital space.

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Make a good first impression

In our digital world, printed communication has undoubtedly taken a back seat, with less importance being placed on everyday stationery items. Why? We are at a loss to understand why the humble, but oh so powerful, stationery item is being relegated to the subs bench.

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The Power Of Print

Print continues to thrive as an effective communication tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes*. Our team at Lundie are experts in all things print and design. Like many designers, nothing excites us more than a great piece of print design. “I still love the smell of a freshly printed piece of work,” says […]

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